Tips About Winter Air Conditioning in Florida

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Families that live in northern climates would have a difficult time fathoming why anyone would need air conditioning in the winter months. However, that isn’t hard to understand when you live in Florida. Some families report never truly shutting off their air conditioning system, although will confess to switching over to heat on the rare chilly night. There are a few tips that Floridians should know about winter air conditioning, though.

The first tip is that if you do find you need to switch from air conditioning to heating and then back again, it is best to turn one off and wait a few minutes before turning the other on. Ideally, have the AC set on auto rather than on and wait for it to shut off on its own, then turn thermostat to off position and wait five to ten minutes before turning the heat on. It is also best to set the thermostat so that you aren’t trying to make a drastic temperature change all at once. Gradual changes are easier on you and your family, too!

The next tip is that if you do find yourself switching back and forth between air conditioning and heat frequently, you are making the system work a bit harder than usual, so be sure to keep up with maintenance visits and definitely check to be sure the filter doesn’t need changing.

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