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Great company to deal with. No runaround and no misinformation or hype. They seem an honest bunch who are very good at what they do. A beautiful job installing and easy to communicate with to start that process. I highly recommend this “family” style company.

– Craig

I used AC Guys after my AC went out one evening. Quick response and easy to work with. My technician was great! I explained everything and outlined every option in an easy manner. I would recommend for sure.

– Andrew M.

I called them on Monday morning after a HOT weekend, and they were here in less than 2 hours. The technician sent me a text with his photo and arrival time. Sure enough, he showed up on time, diagnosed, and went right to the problem. Had me up and running in no time. It was a small repair that he kept small without inflating cost. GREAT experience. I will call them again for any future A/C needs. Thank you very much.

– Kenzo N.

AC Guys was available on short notice for some thermostat work. The technician was very helpful. He explained my wiring problems in detail and worked quickly to get my issue resolved as simply as possible.

– Oliver Y.

The technicians did a great job from the first day analyzing my AC and being honest with me with their best recommendations. On the second day, they pulled apart my entire AC, cleaned the blower, removed all 10 of my ceiling vents, and installed a cool bright light inside my AC panel. I definitely recommend them and am happy I found them!

– Mr. B.

We recently had our AC unit replaced by AC Guys Cooling and Heating Services. From making the call for an estimate to the install, it was a breeze! The office and techs are awesome and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this company. They’re competitive in pricing and willing to go above and beyond to satisfy the customer.

– Joni M.

We called last night after being told by another company they couldn’t get to us until Tuesday because they were installing a new HVAC system in a newly constructed home. I found AC Guys online and called. They were able to have someone to us in just a little over 12 hours. The technician showed up this morning (Sunday), showed us what the problem was, and had our AC back on in no time. Not only do we thank you, but our 3 dogs are happy as well. Very professional and knowledgeable. Best of all, a locally owned company.

– Lenora S.

Great customer service. Our technician was professional and very knowledgeable. Glad to have a great company helping us when we need them.

– Andy J.

AC Guys saved the day! Our old AC was broken, and AC Guys replaced it. Our old company wouldn’t even come out for days! Everyone has been reliable, friendly, and has really come through! I highly recommend AC Guys!

– Susan M.

They came out the very next day and fixed everything up within 30 minutes! Price was very fair! Great service all around!!

-Holy C.

The technician did a great job. Very courteous and knowledgeable. I have already recommended you to two friends.

– Robert L.

I’m very happy with the information and service from AC Guys, from the rep who came out to the house initially and gave me an insight as to what is recommended for the house size to the next-day delivery of the new unit and tear down of the old unit. The installers were professional and courteous and were also able to answer my many questions.

– Sherry L.

Service was on schedule and the work completed promptly. The tech was excellent and explained all the steps he was taking to diagnose and correct the problem. I would highly recommend this company.

– Robert R.

I’m very pleased with AC Guys. Prompt response. Gave me options of repair or replacement. I went with replacement and am pleased with the warranty. Everyone we dealt with was professional and eager to please. I would definitely recommend to others.

– The Colonel

Fast, efficient, friendly, service on a Sunday. Didn’t cost an arm and a leg. We are thankful.

– J.K.H.

I had a very good experience with AC Guys. They were able to get here on short notice, which was important because I didn’t have a lot of time. The technician was very professional and explained the things he was doing/checking. He told me everything checked out fine and didn’t try to upsell or suggest something should be done that didn’t need to be done. I’ve had bad experiences in the past with other companies, but that was not the case with AC Guys. Thank you!!

– Suzanne R.

Let me tell you, your air conditioner going out in Florida in August is probably the worst mechanical thing that can go wrong to you in your life. After you come to the realization that there is no amount of anything — circuit flipping, waiting 10 minutes and turning it on and hoping it resets, praying that it fixes itself, banging on the handler (lightly) — that is going to fix it,  you get to the point where it doesn’t matter what you have to do to get that joker fixed! I called someone that was a local 24/7 service and left my info. The guy calls back and asks what’s wrong. I tell him what I know happened — I got home to a slight electrical smell in my garage and house. My husband told me to take the panel off the handler to see if it was frozen. It was not, but what I did see was a burnt, soot-ridden blob of wires connected to what looked like a mother board out of a computer. Clearly I’m not an AC person, so I gave him the information the best I can, but yes, I used terms like “thingy” and “the big part outside.” He tells me, very cheerfully I might add, that he wouldn’t be able to come out tonight. I asked him if I could send pictures of what I had going on, and he said no. How do you know what I’m talking about? I woke up after about 4 hours of sleep, and it felt like I had been dropped off in the Amazon jungle. I had flashbacks of hurricane Frances. It was so humid, my tile floors had condensation on them. Lots of people threw out names of places, but I called AC Guys Cooling and Heating Services based off the fact I knew my friend had her air fixed by this place. I called after I woke up and got a call from the sweetest girl who told me the tech would be calling me within the hour. He did, and I explained what was happening. I asked him if I could send pictures of what I got, and he said yes! He wanted to SEE what’s wrong and not try to diagnose off of words like “thingy” and “thingamabob”. Smart dude. We had determined prior to his arrival that It would be best to go with a new unit. The unit was original to the house and house was built in 1995-ish. It was time. So he gave me a fair price (I did Google it when I was not sleeping the night before) and they have financing with several payment options. It took all of maybe 10 minutes to do the paperwork, and he already had his people pick up a unit and they were heading my way. We finished the paperwork, and he said his guys were on the way and should be there in about 10 minutes. He left, and the other guys showed up in under 10 minutes and got to work. They were awesome! They didn’t make me uncomfortable. They worked in the rain. They were polite and got my air going, and they cleaned up afterwards!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, AC GUYS! Kudos to your staff!!

– Fran B.

Our A/C quit on us a month after we moved into our new home. We called and made an appointment, and they scheduled us ASAP. Justin came and completely cleaned our coils and managed our outside unit as well. He even tested our unit before he left to make sure we were going to get the cold air that will inevitably be needed this summer. Along with taking his time to explain and help us maintain the unit, Justin was overall very helpful and extremely thorough. The professionalism of everyone at A/C Guys will be the reason why I won’t hesitate to give them a call in the future.

– Andrew S.

 I don’t rant or review much, but I seriously cannot go without sharing how awesome and impressed I am with the AC Guys. If you ever have any AC problems, these are the people you need. Professional, efficient and just all-around awesome! I have had to call them on a Friday because my AC stopped working. They scheduled me that day and were there when they said they were going to be.

– Michelle C.

Great experience with AC Guys Cooling and Heating Services. The technician was very professional and honest. I am very pleased with his work. He even called to check and make sure I was happy with the service. Highly recommend!

– Sue L.

Our A/C stopped blowing on Saturday evening, and I figured I would be waiting until the start of the week before getting it fixed. Having a young child and pregnant wife, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the AC Guys coming out on Sunday to fix it. Thank you for your great work and knowledge.

– Jason L.

I called last night after our AC went out and was told the original installers couldn’t get to us until Tuesday, and AC Guys had a technician to us the following morning. Thank you for making our home cooler and our puppies happy. We will recommend you guys to everyone.

– Lee S.

Thanks so much for repairing our AC unit. We’re from England and have little knowledge of these systems. Got quoted $5,750 for a completely new unit. Our engineer replaced the coil and cleaned the condenser for $1,800, so as you can imagine, we’re over the moon! Many thanks. We’ll be in touch when we need you again. We’re now so cool again!!!

– Andrea W.

More than professional and personable! They go above and beyond repairs and didn’t even try to sell more services beyond what we needed. GREAT company.

– Rebecca S.

Wow! I cannot say enough good about AC Guys! First, they replied to an email I sent after hours (their reply was around midnight) and were able to get service scheduled very conveniently. Then Justin Cox. The guy is seriously awesome. Very professional, and he went above and beyond what I could have expected. Add to it that he was great with my son and my large dog, and I couldn’t be happier. But wait! They also charged less than I expected! WHAT?!? It would be easy to take advantage when people are desperate for their AC to work properly in the Florida heat, but they didn’t. Kudos to them and to Justin for being awesome. No doubt about it, I’ve found my go-to AC Guys. I’d recommend them to everyone in their service area.

– Crista R.

I have been using AC Guys for my Orlando properties for years. They do great work, provide awesome recommendations, have awesome staff, and provide mobile updates to keep you in the loop when the technician is on the way. As busy as they are, they even scheduled me same day for an emergency request for something we needed to get done regarding a coil so we could sell our downtown condo this Friday!! They saved us! 🙂 Thanks, AC Guys, for all the help and always being reliable!

– David G.

Quick quote response and install. Courteous and always willing to go the extra mile for true, old-fashioned customer service. Their guarantee is good as their word, and I have never had an issue after install that couldn’t be resolved immediately.

– Laura S.

As soon as I emailed, AC Guys responded quickly. The tech who came out was friendly and knowledgeable. He listened to our needs and knew what we needed was possible to install. We look forward to the installation.

– Susan D.

This company has treated me as family would. Since moving into my new home, I have dealt with many companies in remodeling my home and getting a new pool. The office and technicians of AC Guys Cooling and Heating Services have been the kindest and most courteous people I have met. If you need a new AC or are having problems with your unit working, I would highly recommend giving them a call. I know they will take very good care of you and not let you down.

– Mel C.

A tech came out for our maintenance. He was very professional and informative. Did a great job of removing the leaves from the outside unit and also checking it.

– Becca M.

Prompt technicians & excellent service. I will be using AC Guys for all my HVAC needs moving forward.

– Kelly M.

Cody did a great job. Very courteous and knowledgeable. I have already recommended you to two friends.

– Robert L.

I’m very happy with the information and service from AC Guys, from the rep who came out to the house initially and gave me an insight as to what is recommended for the house size to the next-day delivery of the new unit and tear-down of the old unit. The installers were professional and courteous, and they were also able to answer my many questions.

– Sherry L.

 Justin from AC Guys gave a great AC service and remedied the issue I had in October 2018. I can recommend Justin as he gave impartial advice and was very helpful — a very pleasant guy with great customer service!

– S. Trybus

We decided to go ahead and get a new air conditioning/heating unit. The technician provided us with information on the type of unit a house our size needed. The installers were very knowledgeable, and we were back with air conditioning in a very reasonable amount of time. We have used AC Guys several times, and they have always responded quickly to fix the problem.

– Richard M.

They were very prompt and called when they were 30 minutes away. They gave me all of the options for the repairs that needed to be made. The tech also evaluated my system to let me know if I needed to replace the unit. It was nice that he was very honest and gave me a true analysis of my unit and only repaired the part that needed to be fixed. I would use them again for repair or installation services.

– Joseph D.

We have had AC Guys out on two different occasions– once to install an air conditioner in our garage and once to fix a builder mistake in our in-home ducting. Both jobs were done professionally by someone who knew what they were doing. It is great to see people who take pride in what they do. Great job, guys. Thanks.

– Finley F.

Very prompt and professional company! I would definitely recommend them to my family and friends.

– Don B.

Service was on schedule and work completed promptly. The tech was excellent and explained all the steps he was taking to diagnose and correct the problem. I would highly recommend this company.

– Robert R.

I’m very pleased with AC Guys. Prompt response. Gave me options to repair or replace. I went with replacement and am pleased with the warranty. Everyone we dealt with was professional and eager to please. I would definitely recommend to others.

– The Colonel

Fast, efficient, friendly service on a Sunday. Didn’t cost an arm and a leg. We are thankful.

– JK Harrison

 Incredible experience! Randy and Tommy installed an A/C system in my workshop garage, fabricated custom ductwork and did an awesome job. Great guys, every single one of them. I was very pleased with the job and the finished product. I feel like I can trust all of my A/C work to them. What’s more, they followed through and finished what turned out to be a tough custom installation. Great work. I highly recommend the AC Guys! Give them a try; you won’t be disappointed!

– Ken M.

We were very happy with the technician, Cody. He’s friendly and polite and an asset to your business.

– Joanne B.

AC Guys was very responsive and did a great job of upgrading our system.

– Betty F.

I had a very good experience with Donavan from AC Guys. He was able to get here on short notice, which was important because I didn’t have a lot of time. Donavan was very professional and explained the things he was doing/checking. He told me everything checked out fine and didn’t try to upsell or suggest something should be done that didn’t need to be done. I’ve had bad experiences in the past with other companies, but that was not the case with AC Guys. Thank you!!

– Suzanne R.

My AC stopped working. I called, and they were here the next day. It turned out my coil had holes in it and all the Freon leaked out. The repair man, Don, and I talked about upgrading my system. We decided to purchase a new system. No pressure. It was my decision. This was at 11am. They came back at 1pm and took the old system out. By around 6pm, I was up and running. Mike and Chris were very knowledgeable in their job. Very polite and professional. They answered all my questions. When they were finished, they cleaned up and then came into the house and made sure everything was working well. I will call them again if needed and would definitely recommend this company to others. Thanks, guys, for a great job.

– Edward D.

This is by far the best AC company I’ve ever encountered. The knowledge and expertise of the 2 employees I encountered are second to none. The customer service from the lady I spoke to on the phone and the two guys who came out was superb. The main reason I found this company was due to them being highly recommended via my Nextdoor app and secondly due to what they charge for a service trip after hours and weekends . . . which, by the way, is the same as they charge for a weekday. That’s because they are available 24/7. No high fee for after-hours/weekend charges. So after the initial lure of no high after hours/weekend charge (because it was a Sunday), I learned how professional, passionate and courteous these people are. The two techs who had to deal with my problem-plagued AC unit were Justin and Morris. These two guys are what made me decide to start using this company for all my AC needs and forgo a company that I’ve used for years and is considered one of the best and most recommended locally. So if you’re looking for an AC company, look no further.

– Todd H.

I’ve had two experiences with AC Guys in Winter Garden. The first time, they came out and fixed the problem in 5 minutes, while I was at work, and charged me the minimal charge. It could have been anything expensive, and I would not have known, but they were honest. The second time turned out to be more expensive, which happens of course. During the process, they (Jason and Ben and the office) communicated when they were scheduled to come out and when they were on their way and would call to explain what the problem was as well as explain my options. We decided on a particular course of action, which probably saved me $2,500 doing it that way. The job they did was professional and very clean. I feel like the system should run problem-free for years; in fact, it runs stronger and colder now than I can ever remember it running. The job they did was professional and very clean. I now have a new problem; It’s sooo cold!! Highly recommended.

– Michael H.

Very knowledgeable technician who explained how our AC works. Completed repair quickly.

– Raymond Q.

We’ve had AC Guys come out three times (2015 & twice in 2018). They did an excellent job checking up on our system, doing light maintenance, and replacing a capacitor.

– Jonathan M.

Eric was awesome and knowledgeable. Had my problems solved in a matter of minutes.

– Damian S.

AC Guys is an honest, professional, family-owned business that you can trust for your air conditioning and heating needs. I am familiar with the business and how they perform because I work there, too. They have worked on my own AC unit and did a perfect job.

– Karen B.

AC Guys did a wonderful job upgrading and installing a new unit for us. The installers did not finish until everything was perfect. They respond quickly with professionalism and work with you to help you deal with a crisis situation when your old AC dies. Excellent company and excellent service. Happy and cool in Citrus Springs. Thanks, AC Guys.

– Joy B.

I found AC Guys to be prompt, courteous and professional in every aspect of our dealings when my old A/C failed in June 2013. The office staff took my call and referred me to an A/C tech who was at my house only minutes later. He proved to be bright, clean and knowledgeable and diagnosed my A/C needs promptly. He was very easy to deal with. As he promised, AC Guys dispatched their crew the next morning and installed a new, matched Rheem® indoor/outdoor system in my home for a very reasonable price before sunset. I highly recommend the AC Guys!

– Gerry L.

I found these guys on the BBB website and figured if they had an A+ rating, they should be good, so I took a shot in the dark as I have never used an A/C company before and have heard nightmare stories about companies trying to rip you off. Well, let me tell you how my experience was with this company. I called them real early in the morning. The lady was extremely helpful. The tech showed up as promised and gave me the bad news that my A/C was 12 years old and need replacing. He called the shop, and they gave me a few options to replace the whole unit and know that I would have reliable A/C for many years to come. They definitely did not overcharge me, and after talking to my friends, I feel I got an extremely good deal. I am glad I took a chance on this company, as I was 100% happy with the service I got from start to finish.

– Hugh K.

My AC broke down in summer 2014. AC Guys was responsive and professional fixing our problem. The office staff and field team were both excellent. I would not be hesitant to recommend them to anyone I know.

– Haining Y.

Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. We had our A/C tuned and the vents cleaned with a great package deal. We intend to have this done regularly, since we have family members who are asthmatic. I recommend AC Guys for the job.

– BJ L.

 I selfishly don’t want to write a review so this fantastic place doesn’t get too busy, but that wouldn’t be fair to them or all the people out there trying to make their way with the other HVAC companies.  AC Guys is always quickly available and knowledgeable of their trade and the industry.  Justin is the tech I have used, and he is PHENOMENAL. I’m sorry I don’t know the names of the folks who answer my calls, but they all have been nothing but professional and prompt. I’m so grateful and thankful I have found this business – I would give them 10 stars if I could.

– Kristy A.

Our AC stopped cooling suddenly one night, so we called and were able to obtain a maintenance call same day, early afternoon. The technician arrived early and diagnosed, fixed and left barely 30 minutes later. The fee seemed reasonable, especially for the short notice. So far, so good. Another good repair!

– Luke E.

We have worked with AC Guys since 2015 when we bought our house in Lake Mary. They have always been honest and have the best work ethics, from cleaning all the vents inside the house to trying to make sure the old AC that was here when we bought the house worked. Today we had them install a brand new unit, and as always, they did a great job. Ben was very efficient and was done exactly when he said he would be, and the price they quoted did not differ from original quote, which never happens. Thanks again for a great experience.

– Trish J.

I’m very happy with the new unit purchased from AC Guys after a less-than-thrilling experience with another company. Donovan and Cody were awesome, and Ashley in the office was a pleasure to deal with also. I would definitely recommend them to others in the future.

– Rich D.

Fantastic job by the AC Guys!  I had an AC system installed in my workshop garage, and Randy and Tommy custom fabricated the ductwork.  A great job by all involved. I couldn’t be happier with the work. The price quoted never changed, even though the custom job proved to be difficult and required a few changes.  I can’t say enough good things about these guys. I highly recommend the AC Guys. Give them a try; you won’t be disappointed.

– Kenneth M.

This company is amazing. I have a very busy schedule and have very little time to get things done. When our air conditioning went down, I called several companies, and the only one that really showed they cared about my issue was AC Guys. From the office staff to the techs and the owners, this company made my issue the center of their concerns and owned the problem and went into action. I now have a brand new Rheem 15 efficiency unit, and they gave me 18 months same-as-cash financing at no additional charge. I would recommend this company to everyone. It’s great to know there are still honest, good-hearted, family-owned companies. Thank you, AC Guys.

– Eric E.

These guys have something growing out of their backs . . . I think they’re ANGEL WINGS! I can’t believe the service I got from them. I had a problem last year with my AC that cost me over $1,000 in electric bills. I had the AC serviced several times, and no one could really fix it and recommended a new system. Randy of AC Guys in Winter Garden and the other gentleman (sorry I don’t remember his name) did an excellent job and still have not collected their invoice since January because I did not know if it was fixed. Well, it’s fixed! Payday. Thank you for your service, kindness, and generosity. Randy called to follow up on the “temperature of things.” Gracias.

– Selenia R.

I’ve had the worst luck in the past with AC companies and have grown very skeptical over the years. I contacted this company to assess my system that had been struck by lightning. They kindly assisted me through the entire process of dealing with the insurance and properly installing a new unit in a timely manner (as this did happen in mid-August). Additionally, my previous AC company had done an extremely poor job installing my last unit, which was only 5 years old. Not only did the install look poor from the beginning, but I had later come to find that they hadn’t taken the necessary steps to obtain the permits, notify an inspector, or provide me with the proper paperwork that I would need to register the unit they had installed. On top of that, the poor installation had caused mold to grow inside my ductwork, and they had used improper wiring, which, AC Guys informed me, was a fire hazard. AC Guys walked me through their installation and helped me develop an argument to present to the previous company that would ask for them to clean up the mess they had created . . . or pay AC Guys to do it.  My argument to them was successful, and that company is scheduled to come out to fumigate my ducts and clean them at no cost to me, for a mess of a job that they had done 5 years ago. And that old company is under new management now and quite skilled at cleaning up the prior management’s mistakes. Without the new management and their willingness to help, I would have never considered allowing the old company back in my home. Thanks, AC Guys. I’ll eagerly refer you to anyone in need, and you most certainly have my future business!

– Kevin S.

 Called at 4:00 pm on a Wednesday expecting a Thursday tech to come out. Boom . . . 1 hour later, Justin was at my house. He diagnosed my problem, fixed it and explained in detail what was wrong and what to look for in the future. I recommend them highly!

– Jimmy N.

Wonderful customer service from the first time you call! The technicians, Ben & Justin, went above and beyond, really explaining how my AC system can run smoother and checking and rechecking to make sure they cleaned out the system and helped to program our thermostat. You don’t need a long-term service plan if you have affordable rates like theirs and great service that helps you maintain the life of your AC system. Can’t thank them enough!!

– Vicky H.

AC Guys was extremely professional and very efficient! Setting the appointment up was easy, and they did not charge extra for weekend hours! Justin was very knowledgeable and explained everything in detail, and there was no “bait and switch” or questionable charges! I would highly recommend this company for anyone who needs AC service.

– Matthew W.

Helpful and supportive with education and suggestions. Listened to my needs. Great service call. I was happy to work with Anthony.

– Mauri B.

Can’t ask for better service! My first contact was with David, who was very professional, able to explain his recommendations clearly and give a reasonable estimate. My next contact was with Morris, who was on time and very professional. He replaced my entire system and cleaned up after himself. I’m very pleased with AC Guys.

– Michael E.

As a single woman, I was taken advantage of by another company. AC Guys came in, without much wait time, and fixed everything well, at a good price. Dom also looked over my AC records and explained everything to me. Great family-owned business!

– Patty B.

I just had AC Guys clean my coils yesterday – they did a GREAT job and were very reasonably priced!

– Bridget N – Ocala, FL

They installed a new AC/heating unit. They did a perfect job. It works like a top. I would absolutely use them again.

– Jeanne M – Leesburg, FL

All I can say is this company is the best, from the office staff to the technician who worked on my unit. No one other than AC Guys will touch my equipment. Feels like I know and trust all that they do. No worries about keeping things running. The tech worked on my unit in the dark and cold and got everything fixed like new. This guy feels like a friend I can trust to be there when things go bad. If you need AC work, then call AC Guys. A name you can trust to get it done. Thanks again, AC Guys.

– Rick S – Winter Garden, FL

The technician called and said he would show up in 15 mins. He showed up on time and checked out our AC unit. He showed us what was wrong, along with suggestions. He showed us pictures of our problems and also was very informative on potential future issues. He told us that the unit we had was not big enough to handle our square footage. We took his advice and decided to replace the unit. He was great! He scheduled an install right away, the same day. He said  the install would take 5 hrs. He was very informative and professional and went through the whole process with us. The installers showed up also on time, about 1 1/2 hrs later. They started right in. We replaced both units, inside and outside, and a new thermostat. They also were very professional and quick. They double checked to make sure units worked well. They finished ahead of schedule by 1 hr. They cleaned up after themselves and explained the paperwork and what was covered with our service. We ended up getting a smaller, more efficient unit than what we had.

– Patricia S – Summerfield, FL

The technician was professional and advised me that all was running as it should be. He gave me a couple of great tips on dealing with mold and recommended that I continue to have my units serviced at least once a year.

– Donna R – Orlando, FL

It went very well. In fact, my co-unit was shot and they had to replace the outside heat pump and the air handler in the garage. It was to a point that it wasn’t working right. They replaced it and they have done an excellent job with getting it right. I am very well satisfied with them. Both the outside and inside unit were 15 years old.

– Larry V – Zellwood, FL

The technician was on time, professional, prompt, and answered all questions. Thank you!

– Gary L – Altamonte Springs, FL

My system was full of mold and had corroded coils and leaking water onto the filter. AC Guys replaced the system same day. Very professional and thorough.

– William M – Apopka, FL

They came and gave me an estimate on replacing my second-floor A/C system. After a few weeks, we called and asked how soon they could do the work,  and they stated they had an opening the very next day. The tech showed up on time and was not only dressed professionally, but was also clean-cut and a very respectable young man. He finished on time and even let us know they would come back in a year to do a free checkup. We had a very bad experience out west with an A/C person, and this was like night and day. I will be calling them to replace the first floor unit soon.

– Ted R – Ocala, FL

The AC technician did a great job at refurbishing my air conditioner. Outstanding.

– Joseph Kemp

Very thorough. Fixed an additional problem with the AC fan constantly running while he was there. Absolutely the best.

– Stephen S
Casselberry, FL

I called into A/C Guys and they were very polite and quick to get a tech here. I researched them before calling and saw they had awesome reviews with the BBB. They went above and beyond, and I am extremely satisfied with this company. I am proud to say I have an A/C company for life.

– Jennifer P
Sorrento, FL

Ben Pope was my service tech. He also installed my unit. His knowledge and professionalism are why I keep using AC Guys. Honest, fast service. I appreciate their business, and in turn, I give them mine. If you have their techs show up, you will get it fixed, it will be fixed right, and you will be satisfied. Thanks again!

– Al H
Clermont, FL

Great! Used them a couple of times with deals, and they provide exactly as advertised, with no hidden fees. Most recently called them back for an issue with no coupon but at a very reasonable rate. The technician went above and beyond. He fixed what turned out to be a super easy, quick issue, and rather than run out after a 5-minute repair, he made sure to make the visit worth our money and his time by doing a full inspection and minor maintenance, explaining everything along the way. I’ve worked with 3 of their repair guys and received the same great quality and service from all.

– Ana G
Windermere, FL

The technicians did a fantastic job cleaning the 9 house ducts. They were professional, cleaned up after each duct and even helped replaced light bulbs in my ceiling fan, which is over ten feet high, since they were up there already! I will definitely recommend & use them again!!!! Thanks AC Guys – great job.

– Elizabeth N
Orlando, FL

The service went great. The technicians arrived on time, were efficient and professional, explained things as needed, and did an excellent job cleaning up after themselves.

– L F
Altamonte Springs, FL

Two gentlemen promptly showed up and performed the work of cleaning and sanitizing my air ducts with minimal disruption to my day. They performed the work quickly and restored everything to its proper place. They volunteered all information to make sure I understood what work they’d be doing and answered any of my questions. These guys were very personable, prompt and efficient, so I’d definitely recommend them.

– Lillian F
Altamonte Springs, FL

New unit was ordered. The following day, Sunday, the installation team installed the unit. They also were great customer service representatives.

– Glen V
Grand Island, FL

It went so smoothly, we couldn’t believe it. I didn’t know there was an air conditioner company that worked on weekends! The old one was checked on Saturday and a new one was installed on Sunday. Everyone involved was very polite and professional.

– Peggy G
Ocala, FL

Best AC company. Awesome customer service, I highly recommend! Technician was very helpful!

– Marco G
Winter Park, FL


The technician was very professional. Did a great job. I would hire this company again when needed.

– J L
Orlando, FL 32825

They performed a routine annual service on our Carrier AC and Heating system. They did a very thorough job for a very reasonable price and were very knowledgeable.

– Richard H
The Villages, FL 32162

During a cold snap, the heater was not working. I called AC Guys based on other reviews, and they were able to send guys to get the heat working the very same day, even though it was Sunday. They promptly diagnosed and fixed the faulty circuit breakers. I also asked for a consultation on two low-output vents in two bedrooms. We scheduled a more extensive inspection for the following week. They didn’t even charge for the second visit.

– Neil D
Orlando, FL 32806

Great service. Initial deal covered 7 vents; paid a little extra for the rest.  The machine used a high-speed brush/vacuum system to remove debris on the inside of the vents from the duct back through the ductwork. It only required removing the vent, about 5 minutes of  brushing, and restoring the vent. They moved quickly and cleaned up the small amount of debris that fell from the vents after removing the machines. Neat and tidy.

– Charles H
Apopka, FL 32703

The technician was on time, professional and did an outstanding job. He was very meticulous in his work – no cutting corners. My friend witnessed his work and is going to change companies!

– Elise E.
Belle Isle, FL

AC Guys checked my A/C unit and thermostat because the unit got very cold last night and was not shutting off. The technician came right away after I called about an appointment. He found that one of the thermostat’s batteries had leaked and shut down the thermostat, so the A/C unit kept running colder and colder. He cleaned out the connections and we put in new batteries and all was well. I also had him check the A/C unit outside, and he gave me some good advice about not having to pour a complete cement slab under the unit– instead, we could purchase a pre-made slab to put under the unit since it was a small unit and lightweight. The technician was very helpful and honest. I would definitely recommend this company. Also I got a good deal on the service call because of Angie’s List that the company was running a discount at the time.

– Valerie E.
Orlando, FL

The technicians came out right on time and explained what they were going to do. They also told me why some of the ducts were not necessary to clean because they were on a daisy, which I felt was very honest and professional. They also suggested putting a couple of filters in and showed me where to put bleach in the tube, which I really appreciated. They were very good at what they do and both very personable young men.

– Janice H.
The Villages, FL

AC Guys installed a new A/C unit and handler. Removed old and replaced with new and cleaned up. Also showed me the problem with the old unit.

– Rank M.
Lecanto, FL

I had my air ducts cleaned and dryer vent cleaned. They did a great job and were very professional and friendly.

– Justin R
Clermont, FL

The tech team arrived in window of time as promised, and even called ahead so we would have an ETA. They provided great service, and reviewed that our system was larger than the deal purchased, allowing us to decide how to handle the extra vents. They provided some suggestions on which should be cleaned and which we could skip if we needed to control the costs.

The techs performed all the service quickly and with minimum of intrusion and fuss, and reviewed afterward. They pointed out some small amount of maintenance we’ll need in the future and quoted a price, but were not pushy, and gave a window for how long we could go without.

Overall, one of the best AC service calls I’ve had in the 18 years I’ve lived in FL. Highly recommend them.

– Edward R
Windermere, FL

The gentleman was prompt and courteous. He knew exactly what my problem was and quickly resolved it! I will use them again!!!

– Martha R
Orlando, FL

The technician was very professional, knowledgeable and caring about his work and our well being. The company was great to work with. Went above and beyond. Met all promises and was reasonable in pricing.

– Richard T.
Winter Garden, FL

 We received the full air duct cleaning, sanitizing and AC check. The technicians arrived about 10:00 A.M. and were friendly, professional and very thorough in the job they performed. We would use them again in a minute.

– Lee M
Orlando, FL

We moved into our new home and the AC needed repair. Contacted AC Guys — they were prompt and professional. They provided  an estimate and immediately arranged to have a new AC installed the next day. The team was prompt & courteous. They did a good job.

– Ann W
Winter Park, FL

AC Guys cleaned all of the air ducts and returns in our house. The techs who came out did a great job and were diligent and efficient at getting the job done. I appreciate the fine job they did and would recommend A/C Guys to friends and family who needed this service.

– Regina T
Altamonte Springs, FL

AC Guys replaced the central AC system in my existing home, including removing the old system and installing new indoor and outdoor units and running new copper refrigerant lines beneath the house. It went well. We were skeptical that they could do the job in one day, as they didn’t begin until late afternoon. (We only decided to have it replaced that morning.) But they insisted they could as long as we didn’t mind them working late, which they did. Very late, but we were glad. The installers are a couple of young men who seem to know their job very well. They had all the right tools and equipment with them, and they were well-organized, obviously knowledgeable of residential HVAC, and had a can-do attitude, which was needed for their squeezing into the shallow crawlspace beneath our house to run the new copper.

– Dennis H
Central FL

AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!! I did not expect to have to get a new unit, but I’m so glad we contacted Angie’s List. We never would have found A/C Guys otherwise. If it wasn’t for David, we never would have known about our problems. The AC Guys were very professional, courteous, punctual, fast and clean. We will recommend to everyone we know. 

– Santanello P

I bought an A/C tune-up via Angie’s List because our system seemed off. The guy was nice and he recommended that we replace our 5 ton A/C. Granted the unit is 13 years old, I was hesitant to do so without a second quote. I remembered I had a warranty on the house and arranged service through them. They replaced the motor for $100 and the unit has been working fine. Not sure how long it will last, but it was a relief to spend $100 instead of $6K.

– Anna B

The experience was wonderful! This was an emergency situation and the team from AC Guys came on Sunday and replaced 2 units within an ample amount of time. Very efficient.

– Stephen S

The tech performed and checked the AC as detailed in the coupon. The tech was very professional and courteous. Would definitely recommend!

– Chris S

Excellent service. I will use them again.

– Russell G
Winter Springs, FL

The technicians were very through. I wanted to clean the air ducts in an effort to clear up a cough that started during a remodel. I noticed a definite improvement in my health after the ducts were cleaned. The tech said there was a lot of cement dust within the intake ducts. Thank you, AC Guys. You rock.

– Charlotte R
Clermont, FL

Excellent. The techs were great. They were polite, courteous and did a great clean up. THANKS!

– Mike Kline
Leesburg, FL

They were very professional and customer service-oriented. I received a heads-up phone call as they were departing for my house, and they arrived on time, as scheduled. I had mold that had recently formed on the vents and I was concerned about the cause. They assessed my A/C unit, my ducts and vents and then they addressed my concerns. They cleaned my ducts and vents in a very reasonable amount of time and maintained a friendly professionalism for the duration of their visit. This was my first time hiring AC Guys, and they earned my future business.

– John P
Sanford, FL