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Plant Shade Trees to Save Money on Air Conditioning

There are plenty of things you can do inside your home to reduce your air conditioning costs. You can better insulate your home, keep the setting a bit higher, keep your HVAC system well maintained, or install a programmable thermostat, for example. There is also something you can do on the outside: plant shade trees.

Shade trees do more than shade your home. They are necessary for the environment and add curb appeal to your home. As the trees drink up the cool groundwater, they allow a fair amount to evaporate into the surrounding air, which can cool the outdoors. You can enjoy your outdoor living spaces more for this reason, which is yet another benefit.

Creating shade over the outdoor air conditioning unit helps your system run easier, too. The cooler the temperature of the air it is pulling, the less it has to work to reduce it before it flows through your home. Therefore, you do not just save on the energy costs to operate your home’s air conditioning, but you can also enjoy more years of service from the equipment.

Be sure to consult with professionals before choosing and planting shade trees so they are the right type and located properly. Be careful of such things as underground utilities, power lines, and property lines when planting shade trees. Also be sure to consider the tree’s mature height and canopy to allow it sufficient room to grow.

While we are not tree experts at AC Guys Cooling & Heating Services, we do take an active interest in providing you with any relevant information that will extend the life of your air conditioning equipment. We’re here for you for maintenance and repairs, and we stand above the other guys in the Winter Garden, Florida area. Ask us about more ways to cut costs!