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Air Conditioning in FloridaYes, provided you take some important precautions. Some experts say that a well-ventilated and properly cooled room helps babies sleep comfortably and reduces the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Conversely, a room that’s too cold can severely lower an infant’s body temperature, which can be dangerous.

Follow these rules to help keep babies safe and comfortable while using air conditioning:

  • Keep the room temperature between 73 and 80 degrees F. Changes in the outside humidity and heat can affect the cooling of your air conditioner. The room might get cold too fast, making it uncomfortable for baby.
  • Keep baby away from the direct blast of air conditioning. Dress him or her in light layers that cover the legs and arms. Doing this will protect baby from cool air.
  • Keep baby well-moisturized to prevent the air conditioning from drying up his or her skin.
  • Don’t take baby to a warm place immediately after leaving the air conditioned room. Turn the AC off and give baby time to get used to the outside temperature.
  • Have your AC regularly cleaned and serviced for efficient cooling.

P.S. It’s not always necessary to use the air conditioning for your baby. If it’s not too hot, a ceiling fan works just as well.