Benefits of Duct Cleaning

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Air ducts are an often-overlooked part of a ventilation system. While a problem with your AC unit may be more pressing, keeping your air ducts in good shape can dramatically affect the environment inside your home. Here are three ways that a regular duct cleaning will benefit you:

Benefits of Duct Cleaning

1.  Reduces Dust and Odors- A dust problem can range from an everyday nuisance to a serious frustration. Living in a dusty environment can negatively impact your health, triggering symptoms including coughing, sneezing, or congestion, even in individuals with no underlying respiratory issues. Even if you keep your home and furnishings free of dust, it can still accumulate in your ducts where you can’t reach. In addition to dust, your ducts can also circulate molecules that cause unpleasant odors through a buildup of scent particles from cleaning agents, paint, pets, tobacco, or other sources. If you’ve noticed a lingering smell in your home, the problem might be your ducts.

2.  Removes Allergens- Besides dust or scent particles, other, more harmful particles can also accumulate in your ventilation system. Allergens such as pollen, pet dander, or mold can circulate through your ducts even long after the source has been removed. The air in your ventilation system circulates through your home multiple times per day, so air laden with allergens poses an ongoing danger to those with allergies or other respiratory problems, like asthma. Regular duct cleaning will help maintain your family’s comfort and health.

3.  Improves AC Efficiency- Another reason to schedule duct cleaning is that a clean ventilation system will make your AC unit more efficient. A clean set of ducts allows air to circulate freely, while one that has become clogged with dust or grime forces the AC unit to use more energy to move the air around. Dirty air ducts may even lead to a higher bill to achieve the same temperature.

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