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5 Facts Every Homeowner Needs to Know About AC Units

Your air conditioner is a marvelous part of your home. It works hard day and night to keep you cool and comfortable during hot summer months. The more you can learn about your AC unit, the better you’ll be able to take care of it.

Here are 5 facts every homeowner needs to know about AC units:

1.  Models made in the last several years are more and more energy efficient. Purchasing a newer AC unit can usually pay for itself in monthly utilities savings.

2.  Your air conditioner does not actually need to be running non-stop. With more energy efficient technology, you are able to keep your home comfortable when you are home and when you are awake.

3.  You can improve the efficiency of your air conditioner by making some changes in and around your home. You can improve your home’s insulation by sealing windows and doors better and by using shades on your windows.

4.  Measurements need to be taken to determine the correct size of air conditioner that you need to purchase. Some people falsely assume that if they just get one that is larger than they need, it will work even better. However, it is really important that the sizing match up with your specific space.

5.  New thermostats can also assist in decreasing your monthly utilities by allowing customization specific to you and your family and how you use your home.

Using these details, you’ll be able to make educated decisions about what air conditioning services you are in need of and what investments you should make in AC units. The more you know about this aspect of your home, the better decisions you are able to make.