Caring for AC Units Between Maintenance Visits [infographic]

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Most assets you own will last longer with regular maintenance, and AC units are no different. In addition, what you do between visits is also important. While your air conditioner technician is a valuable resource for getting tips on how to care for specific types of AC units throughout the year, here are a few general tips that can help you enjoy a reliable and efficient air conditioning system.

Caring for AC Units Between Maintenance Visits

  • Filters- Staying on top of changing or cleaning the air filters is critical for AC units to be able to perform efficiently. The more debris you can keep from reaching the inner workings of the unit, the less likely it will be to struggle or break down.
  • Inspect- Checking the visible components of AC units allows you to see something that might need to be addressed. One thing that is easy to do is taking a look at the outside unit to be sure the fans or other components haven’t been damaged or gotten covered with debris, leaves, grass, etc.
  • Observe- Take a look at the thermostat every so often to see if your air conditioner is achieving the temperature you set. Also observe if air is coming out of the vents cold or if the system seems to be running more. You should also observe your utility bill as a sharp spike can be a sign of a problem.

Caring for AC Units Between Maintenance Visits

At AC Guys Cooling and Heating Services, we recommend bi-annual preventative maintenance on your HVAC system, including at least once a year specifically for AC units. With our help and your attention to the tips provided, you could save money on cooling costs, repairs, and other avoidable expenses. Let us help you save money today!