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75166920-New Air ConditionersIf done properly, buying a new air conditioner will ultimately result in lower energy bills, more comfort all year round, and improved indoor air quality. All these benefits are due to recent improvements in HVAC technology and installation methods.

Nevertheless, you should bear the following strategies in mind when considering your options in new air conditioners:

  • Choose a Trusted Contractor: Pick someone based on recommendations from neighbors, family or friends, or a reputable referral network. Don’t select one because a person came to your door to make a solicitation or after speaking to a telemarketer. Also be wary of spam emails or online ads offering discount prices on new air conditioners.
  • Listen to the Contractor’s Advice: Be careful about insisting on a specific size or brand, especially when the recommendation comes from someone living in another state.
  • Buy a Size that Fits Your Home: Ensure that the contractor visits your home, so that size, placement of ducts, and climate can be taken into consideration.
  • Bigger isn’t Always Better: Our AC contractors will tell you how often they have seen air conditioners that are too big for the size of the house they are installed in. When it comes to new air conditioners, you want the right size—not the biggest size.
  • It’s Not All About Price: The cheapest quote might come from someone who hasn’t analyzed the needs of your home. In addition, the price might not include a decent warranty.

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