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Regardless of what you may think about global warming, the fact is that last year was one of the hottest years on record all around the world.  While this may be welcome news to colder climates, here in Florida, it means that our hot, sunny days are becoming even hotter.  In fact, depending on how hot it gets, you could say that having air conditioning is almost a vital need for keeping you alive throughout the year.

If your home has an outdated, inefficient or broken air conditioner, trying to make it through the hottest parts of the day may feel impossible.  Most of us are on a budget these days, which means you may have been putting off purchasing a new air conditioner, due to the high cost.  If you are dying of heat and are searching for a reliable, cost-effective way to cool your home, consider purchasing a pre-owned air conditioner.

Pre-owned air conditioners often make it onto the market because the previous owner needed a different type of air conditioner that would meet their needs—not because there is anything wrong with the air conditioner.  This means that pre-owned air conditioners are reliable, high-quality and available at only a fraction of the cost of a new air conditioner.

If your budget is running out of wiggle room, yet you really want a reliable air conditioner, consider calling us at AC Guys Heating & Cooling Services about purchasing one of our pre-owned air conditioners.  We guarantee that our units are of the highest quality and even offer a one-year warranty.  Let us help you to get a “new-to-you” air conditioner that will meet all of your needs.