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Which is the best – turning your heating system on when you need it, or leaving it on all the time? Well, let’s hear what professional heating contractors have to say.

Ask the Heating Contractors: “Should I Run My System 24/7?”

178868304-Heating ContractorsOne thing that makes people wonder whether or not to run their heating all the time is the fact that it will take extra energy to bring the home back up to the desired temperature when it has been switched off. But, likewise, if you leave it on 24/7, you’ll still typically use more energy. This is because you’ll always get some heat loss when the temperature you are trying to maintain inside and the temperature outside your home are different.

To get a good idea of how much energy is used for each option, heating contractors suggest you try leaving it on constantly for one week. After that, follow with a week of programming the heater to come on twice a day. You’ll need to read your meter at the start and end of each experimental week. From the results, you’ll be able to see which approach is the most energy-efficient.

Heating contractors agree that one of the best ways to minimize heat loss is to have a well-insulated home, along with double-glazed ‘low-e’ glass and draft-proof doors.

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