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New air conditionersBuying a new air conditioner or a central air system for your Winter Garden, Florida house can be an expensive investment. That’s why it is important that you make an informed decision the first time. Whether you are replacing your current system or buying a new air conditioner, it’s essential to speak with a professional HVAC contractor to assess the needs of your home. Here are three tips to buying new air conditioners for your property:

  1. Hire a contractor who is highly recommended by referrals or references. At AC Guys Cooling & Heating Services, we only employ the best air conditioning contractors. Our contractors will determine what new air conditioners are good for you based on your home and family’s needs. They will spend some time on site asking questions and getting to know your home before determining what kind of system you will need. Feel free to ask our contractors any questions you may have and tell them if you have a certain manufacturer for new air conditioners in mind.
  2. Always buy a high-efficiency unit. Buying new air conditioners that are Energy Star rated may be costly up-front, but over time, you will realize how much they are saving you on your energy costs. The higher the energy rating, the more efficient the unit will be, and the less costly it will be to run.
  3. Bigger doesn’t mean better when it comes to new air conditioners. It is quite common to see people installing new air conditioners that are too big for their property. A common mistake when changing AC units is that if there are warmer spots in your home, often the thought is that a larger unit will remedy the situation. However, a smaller unit will run longer and perform more efficiently than a larger unit, which can start and stop more often. Our contractors will perform a heat-load calculation to determine the size of unit you’ll need to properly cool your home.

If you would like more information on buying new air conditioners, call us today. One of our contractors will meet with you to determine just what you need to keep your house cool and comfortable for years to come.