Duct Cleaning, North Lake County, FL

We would be happy to check out the ducts in your North Lake County, FL home and determine if it is time for duct cleaning.

Duct Cleaning in North Lake County, FLDuct Cleaning in North Lake County – Over time, the ducts in your home or business can become contaminated with dust, debris and even things you might not want to think about. These contaminants can seriously affect air quality and can even cause illness and respiratory distress. This is the main reason why we offer duct cleaning services in the North Lake County, FL area. Although our main focus is keeping your heating & cooling systems functioning efficiently, we want to be sure your home or business is safe.

Duct cleaning is not something that generally needs to be done as often as other maintenance issues involved with your home, but if you can’t recall the last time it was done, or you are noticing some unpleasant odors, you should give us a call to schedule an inspection. At AC Guys Cooling & Heating Services, we are able to check out your ducts and determine if it is time for duct cleaning. We will only recommend it if it is truly needed.

The reason we cannot tell you exactly how often duct cleaning is necessary is that there are so many variable factors involved. For example, it will depend in part on the air quality in the home. A home that has an air purification system that removes dust and such will need duct cleaning less often. A home without air purification and with a number of pets will need it more often. A home that is not well insulated or in which the windows are left open frequently will require duct cleaning more often. This is why an inspection is the way to go. We can perform this at the same time as your bi-annual heating & cooling inspection and service for your Eustis or Leesburg area property if you would like, or anytime you want to know your ducts are in good shape.

AC Guys Cooling & Heating Services offers duct cleaning services for clients in North Lake CountyMarion County, Winter Garden, Winter Park, Orlando, Kissimmee, Clermont, Seminole County, South Lake County, Ocala, Orange County and Lake County, Florida!