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When the weather is warm, you want your air conditioning to be working like a charm. Nothing is worse than being hot in your own home on a daily basis. What if your air conditioning does not seem like it is working very well? AC repair can be tricky, so it is best to call a professional to come and look at your system.  But, what if you are not sure if AC repair is really necessary? Here are a few helpful hints to let you know when to call an AC repair company.

When is AC Repair Really Necessary?

When you do not have very good air flow coming through your vents, you might need AC repair. If some rooms in your home seem to be getting cooler than other rooms, this could mean you have bad air flow. Bad air flow could indicate a problem with your duct work. It could also indicate dirt and debris have built up in your ducts and are preventing proper air flow.  It is best to have a professional come out to fix the situation.

No cool air coming out of your vents is a sure sign you need AC repair. Little to no cool air coming out of your vents when the air conditioning is blowing full blast could indicate a number of problems.  It could mean that your AC unit is frozen.  It could also mean that you are low on coolant, or that the compressor has failed.  If you do not have cold air blowing, you should call a professional to come and inspect your air conditioning.  They will be able to diagnose the problem and get it fixed so you can enjoy the cool air again.

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